“Steve Jones & A Bit of Luck”


Steve Jones returned to the winner circle but his win was not easy. The final one game playoff was set between Steve, Pat Lombardo and Stacey Dault. This match came down to the 10th frame. Steve completed his game first with a 256, Pat needed a mark in the 10th frame to seal the win, but left a 2-4-8 spare and did not convert and finished second with 247. Stacey finished 3rd with a 209. It was a great day for scoring with the usual up and down. Tournament was bowled on Kegel’s ABBEY ROAD.  It drew 20 entries and guaranteed a first place of $400.00. High qualifier was Gregg Rudd with plus 171 while the cut score was plus 28.  Congratulations to Gary Kresse for his 299 game.

Top Cashers: Steve Jones $472.00 Pat Lombardo $235.00 Stacey Dault $160.00 Gregg Rudd $152.00 Charlie Price $130.00 Gary Kresse $100.00 Dwight Burns $26.00 Phil Altosino $20.00 Paul Williams $5.00.

Phoenix CBA welcomes New Comers Gregg Rudd and Patrick Lombardo.

Our Next Event will be Saturday May 13th at AMF McRay Lanes.

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“Mike Friedrichs 1st Super Senior Title”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a slow start in the qualifying round Mike began to put strikes together and managed to make the cut into the second round. He continued his attack with games of 269-248 and moved himself into the top spot for the championship match. Curtis Dornath and Gary Kresse where eliminated in the second round, while Mike Matosich and Steve Slifka moved to the match play with Steve defeating Matosich 234 to 167. The stage was set for Friedrichs and Slifka the results Mike 258 to Steve 161. This tournament drew 17 entries.

Top Cashers: Mike Friedrichs $230.00 Steve Slifka $115.00 Curtis Dornath $92.00 Mike Matosich $80.00 Gary Kresse $75.00 Tom Bright $21.00 Don Caro $21.00

Our next event  Senior 50 plus and Women. MAY 9th at Lakeview Lanes.


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