” Second Club Title for Gary “

Congratulations Gary Kresse on your second club win.                                                            Gary Kresse is been one of PhoenixCBA great supporters. He never complains about anything he just comes out and does his thing. Gary qualified  on games of 214, 226, 214, 214. He was second seed in our bracket match play. He defeated Greg Scheetz in his first match, Mike Matosich in his second match, new comer Bryan Jones in the third and Charlie Price in the final for the title.

Today cashers: Gary Kresse $ 283.00   Charlie Price $155.00   Bryan Jones $80.00   Robert Lewis $80.00   Pat Lombardo $75.00   Greg Waldon, Phil Altosino and Mike Matosich $50.00 each.  Lloyd Johnson $25.00   Jim Montgomery $ 10.00.


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“Bruce Lamb 15th Place Qualifier Wins Title”

Bruce Lamb defeated Greg Waldon in the final match to win his first club title. After qualifying round Bruce was found himself in 15th place with a minus 5 and just made the cut. He drew Jim Montgomery in his first match and won, his second match was against last month winner Make Matosich and won again on a very close game. His third match was against red hot Robert Lewis who turned cold against Bruce, Lewis was unable to put anything together and finished tied for 3rd place. His final match was against Greg Waldon, just like Lewis Waldon was not able to put strikes together and finished with 190 good for 2nd place. Today tournament was bowled on “BOURBON STREET” pattern. Pattern played well, tournament average was 213.                                                                      Cut score minus 18 Tournament drew 20 entries.

Phoenix CBA welcomes new comer Kyle Howard

Top Cashers: Bruce Lamb $200   Greg Waldon $120  Barry Gilitiuk $76  Robert Lewis $75  Gary Kresse $75 Dwight Burn $52  Warren Eales $52  Mike Matosich $52                     Charlie Price $47  Jim Musolino $24

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