“Two Reasons to Smile for John”

John Babbitt had 2 reasons too smile, his club win and his cheerleader grandson Ryan.         John finished 2nd during qualifying behind Johnny Wing. He was seeded in bracket play against 7th place Dewaine West and defeated him to move in the quarter final against the immortal Larry Hoffman, won that match and advanced to the final against Johnny wing who won his matches against Alan Wagner and Dave Massey. Babbitt defeated Wing 245 to 184, in Johnny Wing words “I ran out of gas.”                                                                       This was one of our 60 and above senior event.  

Congratulations to Steve Slifka for his 300 game.

Top Cashers:  John Babbitt $250.00   Johnny Wing $215.00   Dave Massey $108.00             Larry Hoffman $85.00   Bruce Lamb $40.00   Dewaine West $31.00  Steve Slifka $22.00.

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” A Wonderful Return for Tom”

After a long timeout from bowling, Tom Frigon returned to tournament competition.   Tom is no stranger to our club as well as a great supporter. In our 8 men final playoff  Tom defeated Randy Norton in his first match, in his second match he defeated  Michael Haugen  and in his final match defeated  Jim Montgomery for his 9th club win. Frigon used a Visionary Crow for the entire tournament. “The back ends were pretty crisp, and I needed something to control the back ends but still hit”, Frigon said. “The “old school” urethane cover but with a strong core gave me a look that nobody else had.”  For Jim Montgomery  this was the third time finishing in third place.  Another great turnout of 28 entries, tournament was bowled on a modified pattern with some great scoring and award scores.

Congratulations to Steve Roberts  for his 300 game.                                                          Michael Haugen for a 299 and 825 set.

PhoenixCBA Welcomes new comers:  Randy Norton,  Dennis Klein,  Glenn Merchant,  Kenny Smith,  Melody Moody.

Top Cashers: Tom Frigon $330.00  Michael Haugen $185.00  Jim Montgomery $170.00     Bruce Lamb $105.00  Steve Roberts $75.00  Dave Massey $65.00  Gary Kresse $50.00  Barry Gilitiuk $50.00  Randy Norton $50.00  Mark Lopez $22.00  Greg Waldon and Gary Demeny $12.50 each.

Our Next Event Feb. 18th. Site TBA

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